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One of baby jill's collection is our baby jill's cloth diaper,it is washable, so baby can grow with this,made of good materials,finest cotton,fleece,soft velcro or cutie snaps,it is proven to be safe and worry free,no harsh materials used that can cause skin irratations,in fact our  babies here are still using baby jill's clothe diaper for 3 years,and it was absolutely costs less,easy and safe to use,and using clothe diaper is a nature friendly habit than using disposable ones.
Baby jill's clothe dypes are now available in "Breathable and Waterproof" Velcro or Snaps, to make moms and babies more comfortable with our baby jill's cuties clothe dypes. 


* comes with sizes      -small      ( infants )
                                    -medium (1-2 yrs. old )
                                    -large      (2-3 yrs. old )
                                    -customized sizes (depending on your baby's built)
* customized product - we can print your baby's name in front or back of baby jill's clothe diaper,
                                   -  we can add playful designs like flowers,teddy bears,cartoon characters, etc.

                                   -name is free for customized item.

* ...and it is proudly PINOY MADE.




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- it's like using the old ways "lampin" but in an easy and stylish way,

                                                           you have to change the whole set.

* P150.00 - small plain breathable with 1 free regular insert               

* P160.00 -medium plain breathable with 1 free regular insert             

* P170.00 -large plain breathable with 1 free regular insert                 


- BJC's own waterproof laminated fabric.

                                                                       its thin,light,very soft,and stretchable to fit sizes,

                                                                      not plastic/urethane but waterproof and durable.

*P250.00 - small plain waterproof  with 1 free regular insert             * P280.00 - small with design waterproof with 1 free regular insert

*P260.00 - medium plain waterproof  with 1 free regular insert         * P290.00 - medium with design waterproof with 1 free regular insert

*P270.00 - large plain waterproof  with 1 free regular insert              * P300.00 - large with design waterproof with 1 free regular insert

minimum order of 10pcs. for breathable type and 5pcs. for waterproof type,mix of colors,sizes and designs

*P300.00 - 1SF3 (adjustable sizes from small,medium to large, minimum order of 6 pcs.)

*CLASS A inserts - P200.00 each (made of micro-fiber + micro-fleece + material with leakguard)

*CLASS B inserts - P60.00 each (made of microfiber + microfleece)

             As manufacturer of babyjill's collection, we offer resellers to try our "negosyo pack" for a very very low prices &  freebies to start a small yet glamorous business at low capital, starting at 5packs(50pcs.), resellers can get 25% in each dypes + resellers can have the freebies for her to keep or to sell, and for 25 pcs. with 10%  in each dypes not only that....., we  still offering resellers a "super pack", starting at 20packs(200pcs.) its negotiable.So what are you waiting for resellers? let's fill the world of nature friendly and safe for babies sensitive skin, with babyjill's cloth diapers.....              

Have queries about the diaper you ordered? Give us a call at 09322532896.We will be glad to help!

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions:

How to place an order?

    Simply browse selection from our cuties images, make it personalized, make your diapers more adorable by putting names of your babies, and your own designs, email or send us about your preferred designs, pls. indicate the sizes, colors, designs (regular designs or customize), & quantity. Payment is thru GCASH (call 2882 for GCASH info), LBC., we have to meet the 50% down payment to process your orders, 50% balance after the product has been made and ready to deliver thru LBC with shipping fee of P200 (minimum quantity) / P250 – 6pcs. up to 10pcs.

You can email us @ [email protected] or text us @ 09322532896  for further info.



How many diapers do I need?
 we recommend a minimum of at least  8pcs. of cloth diapers in a day. This may vary based on your child's wetting habits.

What is 1SF3?

  • @ P300 each waterproof, with or without design
  • sizing from small, medium and large
  • adjust the diaper sizing by choosing the right snap setting on the front of the diaper.
    • Your diaper arrives snapped down to the "small" setting, the bottom row of snaps.
    • To use the "medium" setting, unsnap the diaper and re snap on the second row of snaps.
    • To use the diaper on the "large" setting, fully unsnap the front of the diaper.
       HELPFUL TIPS: For overnight use, consider stuffing with two inserts and setting the diaper to be one size larger than you would for daytime use, pocket can hold up to 3 inserts anyway.
  •            Put the insert in your diaper. Hold the insert in one hand and place inside the slot (located under the protective flap). Align the front edge of the insert with the top edge of the velcro strip. Using one hand to hold the front of the insert in place, stretch the diaper and smooth the insert flat as you pull your other hand out of the diaper.
  • HELPFUL TIP: Many parents prefer to pre-stuff their diapers at the end of their washing routine.
  •  Put the diaper on your baby. BJC Cloth Diapers go on just like a disposable diaper.



What is the difference between breathable and waterproof?

Breathable is like using the old ways “lampin” but in an easy and stylish way, meaning it leaks, unlike waterproof  “but” you must need a nice set of inserts.

 HELPFUL TIPS: any diaper will leak once full, so better use nice set of insert.

I'd like to buy BJC cloth diaper, Where can I get this brand?
           Transaction thru online, you can reach us through our given sites:

 How do I wash my new diapers?

1.If the diaper has hook & loop closures, secure the laundry tabs.

2.Pre-wash cold to remove waste and fight stains.

3.Hand wash is better

4.Do not use bleach

5.Do not place in dryer

7.Do not dry clean

8.Do not iron




      Do you have any other washing tips?

  • Wash dirty diapers after use.
  • If your diapers still stink, soak in a soapy water.
  • Remove solid waste before storing in pail if any.
  • Use only detergent and water. Do not use other additives like vinegar or baking soda.
  • Once per month, use up to 1/4 cup bleach, to sanitize diapers and fight odors.
  • To remove stains, lay clean wet diapers in the sun.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To preserve your hook and loop closures, we suggest washing the stuff products separately from heavy clothes.

What detergent can I use?
Ingredients in certain detergents may ruin your cloth diapers or cause your baby to have a diaper rash. When washing cloth diapers, always use a mild detergent.Using too much detergent may cause cloth diapers to leak..

What should I avoid?

  • Do not use extra additives in your wash (like baking soda or vinegar). These ingredients are unnecessary and will cause problems in your diapers.
  • Do not use fabric softeners.
  • Do not boil your diapers.
  • Do not use rash creams without a barrier between your baby's bottom and the diaper.
  • If your cloth diapers are made with hook and loop (Velcro) closures, do not wash them with natural fibers. Natural fibers produce lint that will build up in the diaper's closures. This will shorten the lifespan of your closures.


My tabs aren't as sticky as they used to be. How can I solve this problem?
First check for lint in your tabs. You can clean it out with a pin or a fine tooth comb. If it isn't lint, the hooks may have relaxed. This happens over time when you exclusively line dry. Be sure to let the diaper cool completely before using. This causes the hooks to re contract and become "sticky" again.

Are diaper rash creams ok to use with cloth diapers?
Diaper rashes should be treated according to your physician's recommendations. If you need to use a rash cream, you should use a stay-dry liner or a piece of fleece between your baby's bottom and the diaper to prevent the cream from transferring onto the diapers.




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